Beef and squid, of course, but there’s even more! Mitsusedori Hompo (Mitsuse Chicken Shop): Enjoy the great taste of Saga local brand chicken, Mitsuse Chicken, and Fumoto Red Chicken.

There is one spot you cannot skip if you are walking somewhere in the eastern part of Saga. You will undoubtedly experience gastronomic pleasure.

Chicken Shop that Offers Saga Brand Chicken Products Made from Mitsuse Chicken and Fumoto Red Chicken

Yoshinogaricho is located in the east of Saga Prefecture, a 30 minutes’ drive from downtown Saga. The place is surrounded by other tourist attractions, such as Tosu Premium Outlet, Yoshinogari Historical Park, Niyama Park, and Kunen-an, which is open to the public during a specific period of the year. Driving along Prefectural Route 31 (Saga-Kawakubo-Tosu Line), you may notice white smoke and the irresistible smell of food hovering in the air. If you stop to find where they are coming from, you will find yourself in front of Mitsusedori Hompo.

What are Mitsuse Chicken and Fumoto Red Chicken?
There are six hundred million and five thousand poultry chickens in Japan. However,
there are only four point five (4.5) million high-pedigree red chickens. That’s just two percent of the chicken population. The Yoko-o Red Chicken accounts for one-third of the red chicken meat market.
Poultry farmers in Mitsuse village have been trying to develop supreme quality chicken meat and created its brand chicken, drawing on French farmers’ accumulated knowhow spanning 400 years. The first generation of Mitsuse Chicken and Fumoto Red Chicken were both brought from France.
What makes Mitsuse Chicken meat stand out from other locally bred chickens is its superior tenderness, juiciness, and flavor. The chickens are raised very carefully by contracted poultry farmers and sent to market. Fumoto Red Chickens first appeared on the market in 2013 and are also raised with exquisite care down to the feed and the duration of nurturing before shipping. Both require a more extended period to raise compared to other species of chickens (average: about 50 days). It takes 80 days for the Mitsuse Chicken and 60 days for Fumoto Red Chicken. Farmers commit tremendous time and effort to raise them.

Local Specialty “Fried Mitsuse Chicken Dipped in Secret Sause”

Fried chicken is a standard favorite menu item among Japanese. Because it is familiar, varying its taste does matter even more. Fried chicken offered by Mitsusedori Hompo uses only the valuable parts of chicken meat, from which you can get only two small blocks per chicken. It is fried until it becomes crispy outside yet still juicy inside. After it’s fried, it is dipped in secret sauce. The fried chicken is named after the sound of dipping (in Japanese), thus it is called “Dobuzuke Fried Chicken” (480 yen plus tax for a six-piece set). The juicy texture of the meat is best matched with the sauce, which is a delicate mixture of saltiness and sweetness. It is so good that you may never get enough!
You can have fried chicken at the eat-in corner table.

Enjoy the Taste of Mitsuse Chicken and Fumoto Red Chicken at the Barbecue Terrace

There are many other chicken meat take-out menu items available at the store. They include Japanese chicken and rice, rolled egg, and fried chicken wing. The shop also offers a lineup of products for home cooking, such as frozen meat and various kinds of soup stock for chicken and vegetable soup.

There is a barbecue terrace at the storefront, and a chicken barbecue package (Mitsuse chicken and vegetable) is available (pre-order required) at the store. You can enjoy barbecue without prior preparation. Imagine how refreshing it would be to have a barbecue under the clear sky.

Mitsusedori Hompo Main store
Business hours: 10:00―18:30
Holidays: Third Thursday of every month (except during the New Year Holidays)


 2142-1, Ishinari, Yoshinogaricho, Kanzakigun, Saga Prefecture