Take a Slow Trip around Ogi, a “Little Kyoto” with Historic Features: Episode 2

Following “Take a Slow Trip around Ogi, a ‘Little Kyoto’ with Historic Features: Episode 1,” Episode 2 also shares the charms of Ogi City with you, focusing on shops/cafes recommended to those who wish to spend calm, relaxed days there.

Tem. de Suc., a patisserie blending into the landscape of the residential area


The shop’s name was originally coined based on French words meaning “time of sweets.” Ms. Asuka Tsugitomi, the owner of the shop, creates confections that are both mentally and physically exciting, using carefully selected ingredients. Born to the family who lived in the house now used as the shop, Ms. Tsugitomi formerly lived outside Ogi City for education and work, but returned home, renovating the house as her residence-cum-shop.

This area is so quiet that you may hear leaves rubbing against each other, birds singing, and even the winds blowing. Here you may also forget the passage of time. Although you have to follow an upward road and turn many corners before arriving at the shop, which is located in a slightly hard-to-reach place, confections offered there make such efforts well worthwhile, being popular among sweets connoisseurs.

The shop offers the world’s one and only custom-made cakes, fresh cakes baked on order, bottled pudding, macaroons, baked pastries and more, all of which are created with great care, and so beautiful that you may hesitate to eat them. These items are usually only to go, but you can eat them in a café in the shop, open only from Friday to Sunday. Some enthusiasts visit the café every week to savor weekly special cakes served there.

You can surely take nice photos, which are also prominent on Instagram! The shop is recommended to anyone who wishes to spend a peaceful, relaxed time while eating delicious sweets.

Tem de Suc
Hours: 11:00-18:00
* The café is open only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Closed: Tuesdays
Website (in Japanese):http://www.temdesuc.com/

Gallery & Café Ogi Nabeshima-ke Ten, housed in a former samurai residence


Gallery & Café Ogi Nabeshima-ke Ten, housed in a precious old samurai residence located on the street to the west of Ogi Park, serves lunch set meals, coffee, and sweets. The old building mostly retains its original form, allowing visitors to feel the grandeur of its long history.

The dishes served under the motto “Consume locally produced ingredients” include daily lunch set meals and medicinal curry, made with vegetables grown in the field behind the café, with importance placed on offering the excellent flavors of ingredients in season. During the hours after lunchtime, the café serves specialty coffee, handmade Japanese-style sweets, and low-calorie sweets, which are popular among women.

Gallery & Café Ogi Nabeshima-ke Ten
Hours: 11:00-17:00
* 11:00-18:00 from April to September
Closed: Mondays and Tuesdays
Website (in Japanese):http://ogi-nabeshimake.com/

How did you like these two episodes about slow trips around Ogi City? You may feel time passing slowly in Ogi City. Why not visit the city to create happy memories of your trip in Saga?

Author: Mizue Shojima

Ms. Shojima joined an information magazine publisher in Saga Prefecture, and shared local information under the motto “Make Saga more cheerful and more interesting.” She was mainly in charge of editing a local magazine published by the company, and served as its chief editor for eight years. After becoming a freelancer, she has worked as a writer, editor, and PR person, participating in the publication of Saga-no-Sakagura Book (Saga Breweries Book; published by the Saga Prefecture Breweries Association) and the Arita-ware 400th anniversary project to develop sake utensils named ARITA Ji no Sakazuki as a development support member, by introducing the products in booklets or on the web.