The view of koinobori (carp streamers) fluttering in the spring breeze is brilliant. Enjoy the view of koinobori, a tradition of the spring season, delicious foods and a hot spring spa at Hotel Ryutouen in Kawakami Valley, Saga Prefecture.

The Thai TV drama “Stay Saga” was filmed at various locations along the Kase River. The Kawakami Valley in Yamato-cho, Saga City is situated along the upper stream of the river. The valley area called “Arashiyama in Kyushu” is known for koinobori streamers in spring. The view of koinobori tells you that the spring is in full bloom in the Kawakami Valley. Near the Kanjin Bridge that runs across the Kase River, about 300 koinobori flutter in the spring breeze, pleasing local people as well as many tourists.

What are koinobori?
Putting up koinobori is a Japanese tradition that goes back to the Edo period. Koinobori are put up to thank the gods for the birth of a child, and with the wish that the child will grow up healthily.

After enjoying koinobori, please go to the hotel just in front of you. Enjoy your trip to saga with delicious foods, healing hot spring water, and a relaxing Japanese-style room at Hotel Ryutouen.

The meals offered at Hotel Ryutouen use ingredients carefully grown on the hotel’s own farm and other selected ingredients. Please enjoy safe and reliable meals only available here to the fullest of your heart.


Enjoy the hot spring after your dinner!
“Seseragi-no-yu,” the hot spring of Hotel Ryutouen is known for beneficial effects for the health of the skin. In the large common bathroom, there are not only the spacious interior bath, but also an outdoor bath and a mist sauna which is beneficial to keep your skin fresh. You can spend a very comfortable time here.


After healing in the hot spring, relax in a popular Japanese-style room. The room is comfortable and relaxing in a quiet location surrounded by nature. You can fully enjoy your trip in Saga by staying in a Japanese-style room.

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